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Mission Trips

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San Lucas, Guatemala

High School, university, church, community groups, and individuals often come to visit the San Lucas Mission to volunteer and learn about the efforts in San Lucas, and participate in the cross-cultural experience the Mission offers. Visitors may spend most of their time working at construction sites, but the focus of a short-term trip to the Mission is to learn, understand and appreciate the local culture.

The St Mary’s Parish in Little Falls currently sponsors three kids through Unbound.  Dcn Bruce & Gail sponsor a fourth kid.  There may be others doing the same.

On this Awareness trip you will see the work of Unbound firsthand.  Since 1988, Unbound has led thousands of sponsors and non-sponsors alike to visit the  communities where they work and see how families are using sponsorship to overcome poverty.

Cuernavaca, Mexico

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If you are interested in coming along or have questions please contact:

Dcn Bruce Geyer or call him at 320-616-1213

Previous Mission Trips

San Lucas Toliman, Guatemala
San Rafael,
Cuernavaca, Mexico
with Unbound
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